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A community to store all my Tales related translations
Welcome to taleslations, my Tales of translation community. 
The main purpose of this community is to enable me to store all my Tales related translation works in one place, rather than spread them through various communities and forums (and thus lose track of them).
Some entries might be friends-locked, so don't hesitate to join the community.

Feel free to 
* use the comments option to discuss the contents
* point out any mistake you find
* use the translations as inspiration for fanfictions or fanarts. Don't hesitate to show them to me! (I know I would love to see fanart based on scenes from Drama CDs, for example.)
* share the translations anywhere, provided you give credit
* propose your help to edit my sometimes clumsy wording (English is not my mother tongue, and I sometimes struggle to make it sound natural)

On tags
I will use three categories of tags to make it easier for you to find something specific.
1. Source
This category will list what kind of translation it is. There will be 6 sub-categories: Game Scene, Drama CD, Scan, Novel, Song, Video.
All will be given in text format.
2. Game
This category will list which game it is related to.
3. Characters
This category will list which character(s) the translated piece is centered around. This does not mean that they will be the only characters featured, but they will be the ones the focus is on.
Note: two extra tags might appear from time to time: Sub and Summary. Sub means that rather than being in text format, the translation will be on a subtitled video. Summary means that rather than a full translation, I will only provide a summary or a description of what happens in the piece.

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