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Tales Ring - Symphonia [Comiket 75] #2

In collaboration with KurusuTatari.

2. Drama Part [Maid in Altamira]

Lloyd: We've been checking various places, but it doesn't seem Altamira suffered too much from the earthquake.
Regal: Indeed. It seems that some of the elemental rails are out of order, but they should be fixed this evening. My worries were groundless, after all. I apologize for making us take this detour.
Lloyd: Don't worry about it. It's because we're trying to split Sylvarant and Tethe'alla that these earthquakes are occurring.
Raine: We understand why you worry about this city.
Genis: Let's go make a pact with the next summon spirit now.
Zelos: Why so soon? We're in Altamira, the swimsuit paradise! Let's go check out the ladies at the beach!
Sheena: It's your head that needs to be checked.
Colette: Look, Lloyd! There's a new shop there!
Lloyd: You're right. There's so many people lining up!
Regal: That is our new concept café, if I am not mistaken.
Lloyd: Concept café? What's that?
Colette: "Con", like a condor? It's a café for birds?
Lloyd: Oh, I see!
Sheena: Yeah, right.
Presea: Concept café. A café based around a certain theme.
Regal: Exactly. The theme changes every month.
Genis: What's this month's theme?
Colette: I know! Birds!
Regal: No. I've heard it's about the deep sea. If I remember correctly, the inside is a reproduction of the ancient underwater city Mylantis with its ocean queen and her maids, whose job is to soothe the customers.
Raine: The ancient city Mylantis!
Lloyd: There she goes again...
Presea: Ruin mode activation. Probability of interruption is 0.01%.
Raine: So Mylantis really did exist! I suppose the reason it was regarded as a mere legend in Sylvarant was because traces of its existence could only be found in Tethe'alla. So could it also be true that the island sunk in a single night? If the possibility exists, I believe it could be explained by the abyss theory. Marvelous! Absolutely marvelous!
Zelos: Anyway, putting Raine aside... Say, Regal, isn't your shop in trouble? It's getting heated in the line.
Customer: It should already be open!
Customer: Hey, how long are you planning to make us wait?
Regal: This is odd indeed.
Raine: All right, Regal, let us see for ourselves what is wrong with the café.
Genis: Raine, we all know you just want to see the city's reproduction.
Raine: So what? Come, now!
Sheena: Wait, Raine! There she goes.
Lloyd: Man... Let's go too.
Colette: Yes! I can't wait to see the ancient city of birdies!
Presea: Ruin mode, reaching critical levels.

Manager: Ma'am, excuse me, but our shop is not open yet. Please do not enter without permission.
Regal: Are you the manager? The café should already be open. Did something happen?
Manager: M-Master Regal! M-My apologies. Because of yesterday's earthquake, the elemental rail is not working properly, preventing our staff to come to work.
Lloyd: So there were consequences, after all...
Sheena: So is it our fault? Because we've been making pacts?
Colette: Then it's our responsibility to do something about it. Lloyd, isn't there anything we can do?
Lloyd: Well...
Presea: I think we could help them in the café.
Lloyd: You're right! Dwarven vow number two: never abandon someone in need.
Manager: I appreciate the thought, but there is a problem...
Zelos: What now? Is that so hard to say "thank you"?
Regal: No, that's not it. The chef excepted, all of this café's employees must be female.
Genis: Why? That's not the time to be picky.
Manager: Well... Our concept of the ocean queen and her maids is precisely what's attracting customers, so...
Zelos: In other words, this is a maid café? Why didn't you say so earlier?
Lloyd: A maid café? Wasn't it a condor café?
Sheena: Concept café. Concept café. A maid café is a café where the staff is dressed as maids and greets the customers saying "welcome back, Master".
Lloyd: Oh! It's the kind of café Zelos would like!
Zelos: Come on, bud, I'm the Chosen! If I want to see maids, I can find real ones at home! Now, if instead of maids, I was greeted by pretty girls in bikini, then I wouldn't say...
Lloyd: Right, right. So, what should we do? If only girls can work...
Colette: Don't worry, I'll do my best!
Presea: I don't mind either.
Sheena: I don't know how good a maid I'll be, but I can give it a try.
Zelos: You'll be fine. Believe in yourself, Sheena.
Sheena: R–Really?
Zelos: Of course! Your chest is big enough for three, after all.
Sheena: I'm gonna hit you.
Zelos: Why don't you warn me before you do?
Sheena: What do you mean with "big enough for three", anyway?
Presea: How about you, Raine?
Raine: I'll do it! Definitely!
Genis: You want to become a maid too?
Raine: I shall analyze all the data about Mylantis's civilization today!
Lloyd: Well, let's not worry about her. We guys are helping in the kitchen, right? Let's do our best today!

Manager: Gentlemen, please pardon our lateness. The café is open now.
Girls: Welcome back, Master.

Colette: I'm going to draw a heart with ketchup on your rice omelette, OK? ...Hm, I missed the curve... Huh? Ah! Oh no! I spilled ketchup on the customer's face! What should I do?
Customer: A klutz.
Customer: A real one!

Sheena: H–Here is your meal, Master...
Customer: You're new, aren't you? Mmh, that feels good.
Sheena: P–Please, Master.
Sheena: Could you release my hand?
Customer: You're cute when you're blushing.
Sheena: Stop it, already!
Customer: She's angry! She got angry! I can't resist anymore!

Customer: Excuse me...
Raine: I see. You came to hear about Mylantis too. Fine, then! Mylantis's history goes back to 6000 years ago.
Customer: Please, take my order!

Presea: Shall we play paw pad rock-paper-scissors?
Customer: Please!
Presea: Paw, paw, paw pads. Softy, softy paw pads. Tiny, tiny paw pads. Rock-paper-scissors!

Genis: Presea's so cute as a maid.
Zelos: Look how Sheena's big melons are bouncing!
Lloyd: Colette's doing well too!
Regal: You three, stop gawking and get to work.
Lloyd: Right. Sorry.

Presea: Welcome back, Master... Ah!
Kratos: Good morning.
Colette: Kratos?

Lloyd: What? Kratos?
Genis: That's really Kratos! What is he doing here?
Zelos: No way! Don't tell me that Cruxis angel is a maid maniac?

Raine: This is not the time to talk about Mylantis anymore. Kratos, what are you doing here?
Kratos: I shall return the question.
Colette: We're helping in the bird café.
Kratos: Bird? Never mind. I've come here as a customer.
Presea: My apologies. Let me take you to your seat.

Lloyd: Hey, he's really inside.
Genis: What is he up to? Don't tell me he's come to kidnap Colette.
Lloyd: What? As if I'd let him–
Manager: Lloyd, you can't go in there.
Lloyd: But Colette is going to be kidnapped! We have to save her!
Manager: You must wear this uniform, then. This is part of our regulations.
Regal: Yes, we have to respect the regulations.
Lloyd: So we just have to wear that? All right, guys, let's hurry up and change to go in the café before Kratos tries something.
Genis: OK!
Regal: Understood.

Zelos: Hey, what's up with that uniform? There's a lot of lace.
Lloyd: Yeah. And it's really tight around the waist. Wait, that's a maid uniform!
Genis: Why a maid uniform?
Manager: Since all our staff members are female...
Lloyd: But we're men!
Zelos: Look at that! Mini-skirts are not supposed to go with muscular thighs! And the way the air conditioning makes the hair on our legs rise... it's an eyesore! A real eyesore!
Sheena: Hey, what are you making a fuss about? We can hear y... What are you doing in those outfits?
Lloyd: We wanted to join you to stop Kratos, but...
Manager: It is within our regulations that only maids can be seen by the customers.
Lloyd: ...is what he said. Help us, Sheena.
Sheena: Hm, so I just have to turn you into pretty maids with the Igaguri-style Transformation Jutsu?
Genis: What's that? Sounds fishy.
Regal: No, we must care about our appearance.
Sheena: All right, leave it to me! First the foundation...
Zelos: I swallowed powder.
Sheena: Let's use this for eyeshadow!
Lloyd: Regal's eyelids have turned purple.
Sheena: Then the eyelashes must be curled up like this...
Genis: Ow, it hurts, Sheena. Stop pinching my eyelids!
Sheena: Of course, we'll be using gloss for your lips.
Regal: We all look like we've just eaten some rather bloody rare steak.
Sheena: That's odd... You were supposed to become pretty maids, but you rather look like dirty maids...
Lloyd: Who cares! Let's hurry!
Manager: Please wait, Lloyd.
Lloyd: Are we still missing something?
Manager: Remember, you have become the customers' maids. Do not forget to act elegantly and lady-like.
Zelos: I think our looks are anything but elegant, if you ask me.
Manager: Listen closely. You are maids. Maids. Do not ever forget it.

Customer: A new maid.
Raine: Oh? Have the real ones finally arrived? Wha–?! What are you wearing?
Lloyd: Might as well go through with it. I... I'm Lloydie! Erm, no. My name is Lloydie, Master.
Zelos: Oh ho ho ho ho ho ho. My name is Zelda. Nice to meet you.
Genis: I... I'm Ginny...
Regal: My name is Regala. Please be kind to me, Master. *wink*
Colette: L–Lloyd?! I... It's OK. I'm not shocked! I'm an angel, so I don't feel anything. I'm fine.
Presea: Colette, lying is bad.
Zelos: Damn it, why do I wear this?
Sheena: Hey now, don't forget: act like a maid.
Zelos: Forsooth!
Lloyd: Anyway! We should find out what Kratos is up to!
Regal: Indeed. Let us hurry, Lloydie.
Genis: Everyone's looking at us, this is absolute torture.

Genis: Good day to you, Master.
Kratos: Y–You...
Zelos: Ah, Master, please do not stare at us as if we were freaks.
Genis: May we inquire as to why you have come here?
Lloyd: We shall not surrender Colette!
Regal: Starting a dispute here will trouble the other Masters. We wish you to leave this place quietly. Oh ho ho ho ho.
Kratos: Urgh. My apologies. I have come to visit this maid café on Lord Yggdrasill's orders. I have no intention of fighting you.
Lloyd: Liar! Erm, I mean, please do not lie. Why is Yggdrasill interested in a maid café?
Kratos: We ran a questionnaire at yesterday's reunion to determine what kind of welfare facilities Cruxis could build. Since there was a high demand for a maid café from the Desians, Lord Yggdrasill has ordered me to visit various maid cafés throughout the worlds. Speaking of which, Yuan is out to investigate as well.
Sheena: We don't need that much detail.
Presea: I believe you have spent enough time for your investigation already. You are scaring the other customers.
Raine: I think it's our guys that are scaring them.
Kratos: True. I shall leave soon. But before that, Lloydie...
Lloyd: Don't call me that!
Kratos: Whatever. Could you lend us these maid uniforms?
Colette: Do you want to become a maid too, Kratos?
Kratos: Oh please. As I explained, Lord Yggdrasill is interested in maid cafés. I want to add a sample uniform in my report.
Lloyd: But that belongs to Regal's shop. It's not something I can decide.
Kratos: Well then, Lady Regala, may I?
Regal: They belong to our staff. Therefore, if you join us as "Kratty", you would be able to keep your uniform.
Kratos: So, in other words...
Regal: You too shall become a maid, oh ho ho ho ho ho.
Kratos: Maid?
Lloyd: Maid.
Colette: Maid!
Genis: Maid...
Raine: ...Maid.
Sheena: Maid...
Presea: Maid.
Zelos: Maid?
Kratos: Guargh. ...I have no choice.
Lloyd: What?

Kratos: Welcome back, Master.
Customer: Aaaaah! Freak!
Regal: That's another customer leaving.
Zelos: There aren't any left inside, you know.
Kratos: I suppose it's my maid outfit's fault...
Raine: I don't think you're the only problem here...
Sheena: This maid café has turned into a freak café.
Presea: The probability of greeting new customers is close to zero.
Lloyd: Kratos, go home, you're a nuisance.
Kratos: I can't, not until my job is done. I must do this to receive the maid outfit.
Colette: Ah! A customer!
Kratos: Leave it to me. Welcome back, Master.
Customer: Aaaaah!
Regal: The concept has completely changed.
Zelos: Not at all! The maids are doing their job properly. They're still at your service to help you. Help you go straight from heaven to hell, that is!
Sheena: Idiot Chosen, you go to hell!


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Oct. 22nd, 2011 07:37 am (UTC)
Thank you, I had a good laugh at this XD
Oct. 22nd, 2011 08:25 pm (UTC)
Thank you so much for translating this! It was a great laugh.
Oct. 22nd, 2011 10:41 pm (UTC)
This was amazing~ (in case I didn't tell you that already) XD
Oct. 22nd, 2011 10:48 pm (UTC)
Oh by the way, is that supposed to be a shoutout to Abyss or something when Raine/Refill says that the sinking of Mylantis "could be explained by the Abyss theory"? :p
Oct. 23rd, 2011 01:50 pm (UTC)
I bet it is xD
Mylantis was destroyed by a hyperresonance 8)

My icon has never felt so appropriate lol
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