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ToS Official Scenario Guide Book

~The World Mithos Created~
Mithos, the fallen hero, now controls the world for his own goal.
The people are merely living in the system he has created.

  • The Organizations that Rule the World
Both worlds, whose path to salvation is now closed, are controlled by Mithos. Mithos founded Cruxis, the organization of Heaven, and the Desians who work under its authority. He hid the truth of the world situation to anyone but the members of those organizations and established a fake history. That way, he can get the people below to unknowingly work for his goals.
Incidentally, most of the members of those organizations are half-elves like him. There also exists an underground organization opposing Cruxis and the Desians: the Renegades.
*The people on earth believe that Cruxis is an institution of Heaven and that the Desians is an evil group. This is all part of Cruxis's plan.

→ Cruxis
An organization made of angels that Mithos directly commands. Its goal is Martel's revival and an Age of Lifeless Beings. The Age of Lifeless Beings is a world without discrimination where everyone has become lifeless. This is Mithos's answer to Martel's wish of seeing a world without discrimination. To provide Martel's soul with a "host" body, Mithos spread the cult of Martel on the earth and invented the Chosen system. He controls the mana lineage, a family whose members could become Martel's vessels, in both worlds.
Cruxis's headquarters are located on Derris Kharlan, linked to the Earth near which it now stays - but the Towers of Salvation generate a barrier to hide it from the people.

Four Seraphims
The Four Heroes of the Ancient War have become the leaders of Cruxis, the "Four Seraphims". Mithos stands at the top, and his will is Cruxis's will. Kratos is in charge for supervising Sylvarant and Yuan Tethe'alla. Martel has the role of the goddess.
The Desians are an organization of lower rank who is active in the declining world. Their task is to create the Exspheres necessary for the Age of Lifeless Beings. For that, they build Human Ranches on the declining world and capture humans from nearby villages and implant Exspheres on them. They also sometimes destroy towns or proceed with public executions, instilling fear in people's hearts. They make their prisonners suffer to hasten the Exspheres' development. They have a quota of the number of humans they can kill per year, to prevent the world's population to decline.
*Some can get violent when not addressed properly ("It's LORD Magnius, vermin!").
*Humans implanted with Exspheres in human ranches are disposed of once the Exsphere has awaken.

Five Grand Cardinals
The Desian leaders, under Pronyma's command. Pronyma excepted because she works directly at Mithos's side, they all rule over a human ranch and supervise the area englobing nearby towns and villages. Among them, Kvar and Rodyle have secretly been planning together to overthrow Mithos and rule the world themselves.
An organization working against Martel's revival by Cruxis. Their true aim is to take possession of the Eternal Sword and redirect Derris Kharlan's mana to the Great Seed to make it germinate. If Martel is revived, there are risks that she will absorb the Great Seed, so they have been hindering her revival by assassinating Chosens. They either do it themselves or influence politicians in the flourishing world to send assassins, telling them about the two worlds system.
Their leader is one of Cruxis's Four Seraphims, Yuan, but Cruxis is unaware of this. Actually, while they know of their existance, Cruxis has shown little interest in them.
*The people on earth do not know about the Renegades and believe that they are Desians.
*Tethe'alla's assassins come to Sylvarant by Rheairds, which people can travel freely from one world to another with.

Yuan and Botta
Yuan is the Renegades' leader, but also has his role as a member of Cruxis to fulfill in appearance. Thus, there are times when he has to leave the base. In those cases, he entrusts the leadership to his second-in-command, Botta. Botta himself often participates in Chosen assassinations or infiltration of human ranches to steal Exspheres.
  • Inorganic Beings, Exspheres
Exspheres are inorganic living entities extracted in caves or mountains; they are living minerals. Cruxis's goal is to create a world of Lifeless Beings. For that, they have Desians collect Exspheres.
Exspheres that have just been extracted are in a dormant state, but can be awaken by paraziting humans and feeding on their emotions, especially fear, suffering and anger. That is why Desians are making host bodies suffer in human ranches. Awaken Exspheres are taken from the host bodies and offered to Cruxis, but Renegades sometimes manage to steal them.
Attaching an Exsphere to one's body increases one's strength and abilities, but it causes disturbances in the body's mana. If it stays in contact with the skin for too long, removing it will cause the mana to go out of control and the wearer will turn into a monster. Exspheres also slowly drain the host's soul. To protect themselves against those effects, people use a "Key Crest" made of inhibitor ore on which angelic incantations are carved.
*Exspheres give strength to people, but can also serve to power machines.
*A person turns into a monster and lose his or her mind if his or her Exsphere is removed.

Cruxis Crystals and Angels
Cruxis Crystals, also known as High Exspheres, are evolved forms of Exspheres. The ones wearing one are called angels and have wings on their backs. Their body lose their living functions and they stop aging, lose the need to sleep, eat or excrete. Without a proper Key Crest, they even lose their souls.
At present, the means of developing High Exspheres has been lost, and Chosens are given leftovers from the Kharlan War. However, as their supplies are running low, Cruxis is trying to make Exspheres evolve in humans' bodies. This is the nature of the Angelus Project, lead by Kvar.

They are members of Cruxis with a High Exsphere. This art of strengthening people and stop their aging process was invented during the Kharlan War.
  • The Church of Martel
Once upon a time, there existed a giant tree that was the source of
mana. A war, however, caused this tree to wither away, and a hero’s life was
sacrificed in order to take its place. Grieving over the loss, the goddess
disappeared unto the heavens. The goddess left the angels with this edict: “You
must wake me, for if I should sleep, the world shall be destroyed.” The angels
bore the Chosen One, who headed towards the tower that reached up unto the
heavens. And that marked the beginning of the regeneration of the world.
--Legend of the World Regeneration, Preface

A cult worshiping the Goddess Martel exists in both worlds. Angels are holy beings granting oracles, and Desians are the source of disaster. The teachings on Mithos the Hero, the World Regeneration Journey and the Chosen of Mana are all lies fabricated by Cruxis to hide the true purpose of the journey - creating a vessel for Martel. The people who do not know the truth believe in the Church of Martel and give the Chosen of Mana special treatment.
*The people of the declining world ravaged by the Desians seek salvation in the Church of Martel.
*In Tethe'alla, the flourishing world, the Pope, leader of the Church, holds much political power and has his own private army.

The Chosens' Mission
Cruxis named the family whose members have the mana signature the closest to Martel the "mana lineage". They find other people close to Martel in the world and send an oracle to arrange their marriage into the lineage. Those born the closest to Martel in mana signature are picked as Chosens of Mana and are given a Cruxis Crystal at birth.
The Chosens have different roles in both worlds. The Chosen of the declining world must go on the World Regeneration Journey to seal the Desians. The Chosen of the flourishing world must keep the line alive by marrying according to Cruxis's oracle and having children.

Chosens of Both Worlds
The mana lineage chosen by Cruxis exists on both worlds, and Cruxis controls their marriage. As the Chosen who goes on the journey will become Martel's vessel, only females are chosen in the declining world.
The Truth Behind the World Regeneration Journey
The Chosen of the declining world goes on the World Regeneration and aims for the Tower of Salvation. If they succeed, the Desians will disappear, the Goddess will be revived and mana will be restored to the world. Then, the Chosen will become and angel. These are the teachings of the Church of Martel. But in truth, all the Chosen does is reverse the mana flow to make her world prosper and then becomes Martel's vessel.
If mana is kept only in one world, that world will start developing magitech, while the other will eventually die out. To prevent this, the Chosen releases various seals to reverse the flow of mana. At the same time, opposition from the Desians and fights against the guardians of the seals inflict her pain and facilitate her union with her Cruxis Crystal. Then, at the Tower of Salvation, the Chosen becomes a complete angel, a perfect vessel for Martel.
After that, the Chosen is taken to Derris Kharlan to receive Martel's soul in her body. If it succeeds, Martel will be revived. However, Chosen have failed through the ages to host her soul, and their bodies, put in coffins, are now drifting in the Tower of Salvation.

How the Journey Goes
When the Chosen of the declining world turns 16, an oracle descends and the Tower of Salvation appears. It designates the beginning of the World Regeneration Journey and is a symbol of hope for the people. The Chosen who receives the oracle from an angel attaches her Cruxis Crystal to her body and goes on a journey to release the seals.

Seal Release
The Chosen must release the four seals spread accross her world. That way, the mana flow between both worlds will slowly be reversed. She also has to face monsters and Desians through the journey, but this is to activate her Cruxis Crystal: the Desians will never kill her.

World Regeneration
When she reaches the Tower of Salvation, the Chosen is taken to Derris Kharlan to fuse her body with Martel's soul. This is where Cruxis directs the Great Seed's mana to the declining world, and this completes the inversion of the mana flow. The Desians are then moved to the other world.
The Chosen's Angel Transformation
The more seals the Chosen releases, the closer she gets to becoming an angel. She gains wings and loses appetite at the first seal, becomes unable to sleep at the third and loses her voice at the fourth. Then, at the Tower of Salvation, which is also the last seal, she loses her memories and her soul and becomes an empty shell, fit for being a vessel.
  • Two Worlds
When split, the two worlds took the name of the two separated countries: Sylvarant and Tethe'alla. 4000 years later, the only one knowing about the two worlds are the ruling organizations and the elves.
The two worlds keep existing by sharing the little mana produced by the Great Seed. Mana flows from one world to the other, whose civilizatiion will prosper. It is called the "flourishing world". The other one is called the "declining world" and suffers from low provisions brought by the lack of mana and from Desian attacks.
However, if the Chosen of the declining world completes her journey, the mana flow will reverse and the worlds' states will inverse. Sylvarant and Tethe'alla have been alternating between decline and prosperity for a long time.

Schema of the World

The Spirits' Role
In Sylvarant lie the seals of fire, water, wind and light, and in Tethe'alla lie the seals of ice, lightning, ground and darkness. Spirits from both world have an opposing attribute and protect the Great Seed. If someone makes a pact with opposing spirits in both worlds, the mana links will break and the protection around the Great Seed will be lowered. And if pacts are made with all spirits, the seed risks losing stability and be absorbed by one of the worlds.
Mithos placed a special seal on Origin, the king of the spirits. That way, he can keep control of the Eternal Sword even after having broken his pact keep Derris Kharlan in place.

Attribute Opposition
Sylvarant    ║    Tethe'alla
Summon Spirit of Fire, Efreet ↔ Summon Spirit of Ice, Celsius
Summon Spirit of Water, Undine ↔ Summon Spirit of Lightning, Volt
Summon Spirit of Wind, Sylph ↔ Summon Spirit of Earth, Gnome
Summon Spirits of Light, Luna&Aska ↔ Summon Spirit of Darkness, Shadow

Today's Sylvarant
Sylvarant has been declining for 800 years. The Journeys of World Regeneration have all failed because the Renegades kept assassinating the Chosens of Mana. Because of that, mana is running low, magitech does not exist and the civilization is underdeveloped. Besides, the low mana renders the ground infertile and producing food is difficult. On top of that, the increasing numbers of monsters and the Desians' violence corner the people into despair. As the Desians tormenting the people are half-elves, hatred towards half-elves is common on this world
The different towns have their own mayor or governor, but there is no king to hold global power.
*People travel in dragon carriages or by ship. Steam boats are a recent invention.
*Places full of history and ruins like Asgard, the Balacruf Mausoleum and Thoda Geyser are popular touristic spots.
*The Desians do what they please. People are praying for the Chosen's success.
*Palmacosta has a militia to protect the townspeople from Desians.

Today's Tethe'alla
The world governed by King Tethe'alla XVIII. The bonds between the Church and the royal family are strong, and the Chosen and the Pope hold the most influential power after the king. Thanks to the Renegades, the royal family knows about Sylvarant and receives Exspheres.
Since the world has been prospering for a while, advanced magitech techniques were developed, but the development of the civilization is creating a gap between the rich and the poor, nobles and commoners. Half-elves hold the lowest position and are executed without exception if they commit a crime. The dense mana in the atmosphere affects the monsters, who flee to Sylvarant through the poles. Therefore, they are rare on Tethe'alla.
*Magitech inventions like Elecars and Wing Packs are numerous.
*An automatic drawbridge powered by Exspheres links two continents.
*Altamira's amusement parc, theatre and casino make it a popular attraction resort.
*Research in various different fields is being conducted in Sybak's Royal Research Institute.
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