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ToS Official Scenario Guide Book

~World History~
Why was the world separated in two?
This is the history of this planet from its birth to the end of the Ancient War.

  • Derris Kharlan and the Birth of Life
In the past, no life existed on Earth, because it was lacking mana, source of all life. What brought mana to it was Derris Kharlan, a comet made of mana that approaches it once every century. It received mana from Derris Kharlan on such occasion, and as it received more and more mana with each contact, it became a planet. The elves, inhabitants of Derris Kharlan, decided to make it their new home and planted the Giant Kharlan Tree, which would provide mana to the planet. That is how new races such as humans, dwarves and summon spirits came into existence.

  • Outbreak of the Kharlan War
Global population soon increased, and the world was divided in several countries, which would eventually start to struggle for territory. In the end, a full-blown war broke out between Sylvarant and Tethe'alla, the two biggest countries at the time. It is now known as the Kharlan War.
At the time, civilization was advanced and developed, and used magi-technology, a technology using mana as a power source. Magitech weapons were developed during the war, and quickly depleted the world's mana supply. This happened 5000 years ago.

Many different races live on the planet, such as elves, who came from Derris Kharlan, protozoans, the first beings born from mana on the world, humans, dwarves, summon spirits, and then half-elves, who are born from the union between an elf and a human. Protozoans were beings in constant evolution, and possessed incredible strength, which is why they were used in the war and became extinct as a result. Discrimination against half-elves, who are neither fully human nor elf, was already present before the war started.

  • The End of the War and the Separation of the Worlds
The Kharlan War, which lasted a millennium, was brought to an end by four heroes. However, the Giant Kharlan Tree was already dead by then and had only left one seed (the Great Seed) behind. The little mana the seed emitted was not enough to support the world. Without mana, source of life, the world would only head towards its destruction. So the only was to save the world was to use an enormous amount of mana, namely Derris Kharlan, to revive the Great Tree.
However, the comet would not come before a few decades, and the world could not survive that long. That is why the hero Mithos decided to split the worlds. By separating Sylvarant and Tethe'alla and alternating the Great Seed's mana between the two, Mithos ensured that no war would start again, preventing magitech from being used too much and consuming mana.
Mithos used the power of the Eternal Sword to separate the world as a mean to save them time, and it was originally supposed to last only until Derris Kharlan's approach. On the dawn of its approach, Mithos would revive the Giant Tree and unite the world again. However...

  • The World he Could Not Save
Just when Derris Kharlan was approaching again, a terrible tragedy happened to Mithos, and in result, to the world. Humans marched on to take possession of and monopolize the Great Seed's mana. And Mithos's sister Martel lost her life trying to protect the seed.
The death of his beloved sister made Mithos lose hope in humans, who were always only thinking of themselves. But Martel's soul was not entirely lost and tied itself to the Great Seed. By directing Derris Kharlan's mana to the seed, the tree would be revived and the world saved, but Mithos forced the comet to stay near their world and directed its mana to Martel to keep her soul alive. If he could find someone whose mana signature was close to her, he could move her soul to that body and revive her. That is what Mithos decided. He could not see any worth anymore in a world without his sister, in a world that killed his sister.

Four Heroes
Mithos, his sister Martel, Yuan and Kratos were the four people who brought the war to an end; they are called the Four Heroes. Kratos was the only human among them, the others being half-elves. Their central figure, Mithos, made pacts with all the summon spirits and received the Eternal Sword from Origin, the king of the spirits. His vow to Origin was: "To protect the world, I will split it into two for a short while." However, when his sister was killed, he lost the will to save the world and broke his promise to Origin.
*Kratos and Yuan were from opposing countries, but they became allies, following Mithos's ideals together.
*Back then, Mithos was ready to help anyone, even if he had to face dangers or suffer in the process.
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