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~Prologue - A New Journey~

Jeremy: How exquisite... It gives us such a beautiful light that I feel I could spend the whole night gazing at it.
Dealer: Isn't it? Isn't it?
Jeremy: When I look at this light, I feel as if I can finally believe that rumor.
Dealer: This is not merely a rumor, Lord Jeremy.
Jeremy: The magic stone... The one that gives an enormous power to its owner...
Dealer: The one that makes its owner an angel.
Jeremy: An angel...
Dealer: Yes, an angel.

Guard: Nothing unusual for me.
Guard: Same here.
Guard: I wonder what kind of transaction Lord Jeremy is doing, for him to need such a tight watch...
Guard: According to the rumor, he wants to buy that famous gem from the black market.
Guard: "That gem"? Hey, are you serious?!
Guard: I am.
Guard: What's wrong?
Guard: That sound, just now... You--!
Lloyd: Goodnight.

Jeremy: So this is an Exsphere... I have heard that it was made by the Desians, and that it was born from people's agony.
Dealer: So what? You know that this gem comes from the now gone Human Ranches. Do you think that possessing this odious heritage from the Desians will tarnish your reputation? Even then, you...
Jeremy: ...want it!
Dealer: Of course you do. It's obvious, since you want become a beautiful angel. This is why you need someone from the black market. Someone dirty like me, who sells this forbidden jewel.
Jeremy: An Exsphere...
Dealer: What? If you don't desire it, I will offer it to another person. For example, a noble from Palmacosta, or a retired person in Thoda, or...
Jeremy: Ok, ok, I will take it.
Dealer: Thank you very much, Lord Jeremy.
Lloyd: I won't let you get away with this.
Dealer: Who's there?
Lloyd: You can call me the Wandering Exsphere Hunter.
Dealer: Lloyd? Lloyd Irving? You always have to come and interrupt my negotiations!
Lloyd: As long as you continue selling Exsphere, I will keep bothering you!
Dealer: Lord Jeremy, he's a burglar! Quickly, call the guards!
Jeremy: Y-yes...
Dealer: Coming alone in such a secure place... Has your enthusiasm taken control of your common sense? This ends here for you!
Lloyd: Does it, now?

Guard: Hurry to Lord Jeremy's room.
Guard: Intruders! 
Guard: Quick!
Guard: Damn!
Guard: Huh? You are... the intruder...?
Colette: It looks like it.
Guard: But...
Colette: I'm Colette. Colette Brunel.
Guard: Oh...
Colette: O Holy One, cast thy purifying light upon these corrupt souls.
Guard: Huh?
Colette: Judgment!

Dealer: Why aren't the guards coming?!
Lloyd: "Coming alone in such a secure place..." You're wrong, I'm not fighting alone!
Dealer: It's Colette! She's stopped the guards!?
Lloyd: I'm not only talking about her. I am alone in this room, and only Colette and I are in this manor, but we have many friends in this world fighting with us, at this very instant!
Dealer: You impudent brat!
Lloyd: Tiger Blade! Don't worry, you'll live.
Colette: Lloyd! I've just finished.
Lloyd: Good! It's over here too. There's only rich idiot left to deal with.
Jeremy: I-I haven't done anything bad. That guy was only trying to trick me. In fact, I never really wanted that dangerous Exsphere.
Lloyd: Do you want to become an angel so badly?
Jeremy: H-help...
Lloyd: You don't even know what it means to become an angel.
Colette: Lloyd...
Lloyd: When I see guys like you, I sometimes wonder if my journey, if collecting Exspheres throughout the world is not pointless.
Colette: Lloyd.
Lloyd: I know. I won't give up. I can't do this alone. But I am not alone! You are with me, Colette.
Colette: Yes.
Lloyd: Besides, right now, we have friends that are helping us from somewhere in this world.
Colette: Yes!

Tales of Symphonia ~A long time ago~

~Prologue - The End of a Tale~

Man: Even if you say that...
Lloyd: Come on. This is the third place I've tried. The sun's going down, and if you refuse, we'll have to sleep outside tonight too. Please.
Man: The clients who step through this door are considered family. These were my principles. But now... Since Tethe'alla and Sylvarant have become one, war is about to start, thieves are running wild... So... That thing on your left hand... That's an Exsphere, isn't it?
Lloyd: Yeah...
Man: I don't want to get in trouble.
Lloyd: I'll pay more than you ask for the night. So, please?
Wife: Hey, how long are you planning to take? Come and help me prepare dinner, the clients are getting hungry.
Man: Sorry.
Lloyd: Wai--

Colette: And the princess lived happily ever after.
Both: All is well that ends well.
Girl: Miss, could you tell us another story please?
Colette: All right, then listen to this--
Lloyd: Hey!
Colette: Ah, Lloyd!
Lloyd: Sorry to have kept you waiting.
Colette: Don't worry about it. I played with this girl. Right?
Girl: Hello, Mister.
Lloyd: Hi.
Girl: She was telling me a story.
Lloyd: Oh? What kind of story?
Girl: It's about a princess who is going to lose her soul, but a cool prince comes to her rescue and--
Colette: Ah, stop, stop!
Lloyd: So, how does that story end? 
Girl: Listen... Ah, I have to go home.
Lloyd: Go then.
Girl: See you later!
Colette: See you.
Girl: You're not going home?
Lloyd: We will. See you.
Girl: Bye bye!
Colette: How did it go? Can we spend the night?
Lloyd: No, we can't. Sorry. I'm tired...
Colette: Where does it come from? It smells good...
Lloyd: Curry, it seems...
Colette: Yes, it smells like curry. It smells tasty. Doesn't it?
Lloyd: Yeah... "You're not going home?" I wonder what they're up to in Iselia... Sorry for dragging you on this journey. If this keeps up, we might never be able to go home--
Colette: That story...
Lloyd: Huh?
Colette: The story about the prince and the princess.
Lloyd: Yeah?
Colette: They face a lot of hardships. But in the end, the prince and the princess go home.
Lloyd: They go home?
Colette: They go home. The prince sits at the dining table and tell stories of their adventures. The princess laughs to the stories while cooking dinner in the kitchen. And then... And then... The princess lives happily ever after. That's how it ends.
Lloyd: I see... I see!
Colette: Lloyd, when we go back home, to Iselia, what should I cook?
Lloyd: Curry, of course!

Tales of Symphonia ~A Long Time Ago~

~Meltokio's Funeral Bells~

Yuan: The wind is getting stronger. A storm is coming. Can you feel it, Kratos?
Kratos: Yes, I feel it, Yuan.
Yuan: How does our world look like from Derris Kharlan?
Kratos: Simply pure... beautiful...
Yuan: I see...
Kratos: It glows beautifully in the sunset. That's how I see it.
Yuan: It glows beautifully...
Kratos: Yes, exactly.
Yuan: But dark and repulsive feelings still linger on this planet. You know them well... Those dark human feelings that Mithos, our old friend, despised.
Kratos: Still, it glows purely and beautifully seen from here, Yuan.
Yuan: I see... Mithos... No, Great Yggdrasill Tree... How does it look to you?

Zelos: Hey you... Don't you think you're a bit too tenacious for a low-grade secondary role?
Man: There he is!
Man: The poison should start taking effect. Buy time. There's no need to hurry. There's only water behind him. He can't run away.
Zelos: No way... This looks bad for me... I won't go down so easily. Damn it... Light Spear! This is bad...
Man: Give up, Zelos. That's what happens when a fool gets involved in politics. You should have kept playing the happy Chosen. 
Zelos: Happy, huh? I wish...

Boy: Tethe'alla's Chosen is dead! Newsflash! Newsflash! Tethe'alla's Chosen is dead! He was murdered!
Man: The Chosen?
Boy: His body was found under the Grand Tethe'alla Bridge.
Woman: Master Zelos!
Boy: The culprits are unknown, as are their motives. Everything is unknown, unknown, unknown. But the only thing certain is that the Chosen... Tethe'alla's Chosen... Zelos Wilder is dead!
Lloyd: Get out of the way! Move! Out of the way! Hey. If this is a joke, I...
Boy: Why would I joke on this?
Lloyd: Shut up!
Boy: It's an official announcement from Meltokio's Church of Martel.
Lloyd: No!
Boy: The King himself attended the funeral service.
Lloyd: Zelos isn't...
Boy: You can hear them too, can't you?
Colette: Lloyd... This isn't true. Right, Lloyd?
Lloyd: Zelos is...
Colette: Nooo!!
Lloyd: Zelos is... dead.

Tales of Symphonia ~A Long Time Ago~


Priest: May Zelos Wilder's soul rest in peace.

Lloyd: Damn it!
Colette: Zelos is...
Lloyd: I can't believe it!
Bartender: Stop that, please.
Lloyd: Zelos was my--
Bartender: Idiot! Everyone here is grieving him.
Lloyd: I'm sorry, Colette. I lost my cool.
Colette: It's ok.
Lloyd: Exsphere collection. Collection, collection again. I thought hearing Zelos's obnoxious laugh would help improve my mood... I was looking forward to it...
Colette: We can't hear it anymore...
Lloyd: This is so... unfair...
Bartender: Hey, kid. Sorry for yelling at you.
Lloyd: No, it was my fault.
Bartender: Drink. My treat.
Lloyd: I'm sorry, but I'm not in the mood.
Bartender: Come on, drink. The Chosen hated that kind of gloomy atmosphere.
Colette: Were you Zelos's friend?
Lloyd: His friend? Yeah... He was a friend...

Zelos: One, two...
All: Cheers!
Woman: Master Zelos, can I sit on your knees?
Woman: You have no shame.
Woman: Are you trying to take Master Zelos all for yourself?
Woman: You have a problem with that?
Woman: Yes I have, now get away from him.
Woman: Leave me alone.
Zelos: Now, now, my love for my hunnies is infinite. But I have only one body, unfortunately. How about taking turns?
Woman: No, Master Zelos...
Woman: Oh, Master Zelos...
Man: Master Zelos, please share some with us.
Man: Let's be fair and impartial.
Man: Right!
Man: Good idea!
Woman: What a bunch of pigs.
Zelos: So you guys think that all humans are equals? How naive! Of course we're not equals. Look at me: handsome, skilled in swordmanship and magic, born as the Chosen; I don't have any work to do. Isn't the world cruel?
Woman: Oh yes. Get down now, third one.
Zelos: Well, well, since I've taken pity on you, tonight's drinks are all on me. Bartender, send the bill to the Church of Martel! Heard that, you losers? You can drink all you want!
Man: A toast to our Chosen!
Man: And to the cruel world!
Zelos: And to all my friends, those losers hanging out in this tavern!
All: Cheers!
Zelos: Drink up, drink up. It's free alcohol!

Bartender: Alcohol, women, blasphemous words... He was a complete eccentric, but I couldn't dislike him. Even when he called me a loser, I couldn't feel anything but joy. He was always cheerful, carefree. He was like a sun. So I think we should stop moping about and party in his honor.

Bartender: Sir, we're closing now.
Man: Master Zelos...

Lloyd: "Losers", huh?
Colette: He was probably talking about himself...
Lloyd: What an idiot.
Colette: Cheerful, carefree, like a sun... He was always putting on a strong front, even though his life was miserable.
Lloyd: Zelos, I swear... I swear I'll avenge you!
Colette: But where should we start looking?
Kyrie: Wouldn't it be best looking into his acquaintances first? His acquaintances. Of course, the kind he was good at making.
Lloyd: Who are you?
Kyrie: Kyrie.
Colette: Were you one of Zelos's friends?
Kyrie: For a while.

~The Chosen's Blaze~

Kyrie: Say, Zelos...
Zelos: Yeah?
Kyrie: Why are you getting involved in this?
Zelos: Who knows...
Kyrie: I'm from Mizuho, I'm used to dangerous missions - it's my job. But you're not. You're--
Zelos: The Chosen~ An easy job.
Kyrie: Zelos! You're the Chosen, but that privilege might work against you this time. You might die. You must understand that. Our enemy is powerful.

Colette: What were you and Zelos investigating?
Kyrie: You know that already, but Tethe'alla's foreign policy in regards to Sylvarant is harmony. Our chief, Sheena, and Lezareno's CEO, Regal Bryant, are working to uphold these principles. But... But there are some people who oppose that.

Boise: My, if it isn't the Chosen. And you are...
Kyrie: Kyrie. Kyrie from Mizuho.
Boise: I see.
Zelos: Sorry for not making an appointment, Prime Minister Boise.
Boise: So, how is your investigation going? Were you able to find that "rebel" who is interfering with His Majesty's national policy?
Zelos: Unfortunately not.
Boise: As expected. No such person exists in this country, after all.
Kyrie: How dare you?
Zelos: Well, we found a witness. We thought of paying him a visit and hear what he had to say, but we were a step behind, and his throat was already cut off when we arrived.
Boise: How unfortunate.
Zelos: That's already the third one that's been silenced.
Boise: What a tragedy.
Kyrie: Stop playing dumb!
Boise: How rude! I am Boise Dussolier. I am the prime minister, I preserve Tethe'alla's politics. You don't have any right to say anything against me!
Kyrie: We'll find a proof one day--
Zelos: Now, now, now, Prime Minister, Kyrie, calm down, ok? Ok?
Boise: So, why did you come to see me this time?
Zelos: I was thinking of reporting to you. The witness was erased, but there was some evidence left.
Boise: What?

Kyrie: Nice one, Zelos.
Zelos: Huh?
Kyrie: There was no evidence left at the scene. You're bluffing to unsettle Boise, and you're waiting for his next move. Boise's anxiety will cause him to make a mistake--
Zelos: Wrong! You're not even close.
Kyrie: Huh?
Zelos: I really found some evidence.
Kyrie: Really?
Zelos: Of course!
Kyrie: Show me.
Zelos: Do you think I'm stupid enough to walk around with something that important? We could be killed at any moment.
Kyrie: So you hid it somewhere.
Zelos: I entrusted it to someone I can trust.
Kyrie: Zelos, there's no one left in this country that you could trust! We don't know who's an enemy or who's an ally. That's careless--
Zelos: Don't worry, don't worry, this is an ally who will never ever betray me.

Kyrie: I thought that one of you would be that ally who would never betray him that Zelos talked about.
Lloyd: We've been traveling the world looking for Exspheres.
Colette: We haven't seen him for six months.
Kyrie: I see. Zelos had many acquaintances, but had few true friends. I didn't think there would be anyone else besides you.
Lloyd: There is.
Kyrie: That is?
Lloyd: Seems we've arrived.
Colette: This is where Zelos's most trusted person lives.
Kyrie: Wait a minute. This is--
Lloyd: An abbey for the Goddess Martel.
Kyrie: I know that. That's not what I meant. This is the abbey where Zelos's sister is being held under house arrest.
Lloyd: Yes, you're right.
Kyrie: So, are you trying to tell me that Seles is the one holding the evidence?
Lloyd: Maybe.
Kyrie: No way! She hates him! It's well known fact in high society. Seles's mother killed Zelos's mother.

Seles's Mom: If only he... If only Zelos didn't exist... Seles, my Seles, listen. You are the true Chosen. I am the one that Master Wilder really loved, so you, our daughter... Seles, you should be the next Chosen! If only he... f only Zelos didn't exist... Lord Mithos, curse the Chosen, curse Zelos.

Kyrie: Seles's mother and the previous Chosen, Lord Wilder, were in love. But the Oracle chose another woman to bear the next Chosen. Seles's mother was separated from him and gave birth to their daughter all alone. And in the end, the Church took her little girl, in case something happened to the Chosen, Zelos.
Colette: The Chosen system... It was supposed to bring happiness to everyone. I wonder why it always causes sorrow like this.
Kyrie: Seles's mother's heart gradually filled with hatred. In her madness, she tried and failed to assassinate Zelos. It wasn't Zelos who died, but his mother. And Seles's mother...

Seles's Mom: Curse them, Zelos, the Chosen, Tethe'alla, Martel! Curse the sky, the wind, the earth! Destroy them all! Seles, Seles, your mother only wishes for your happiness--

Kyrie: I can only see hatred. I can only see dark and repulsive hatred binding Zelos and Seles. I can't believe that Zelos would entrust his evidence to Seles.

~On the Hill of Blowing Wind~

Seles: Sorry to have kept you waiting.
Lloyd: Seles.
Seles: I has been a while, Lloyd, Colette.
Lloyd: Sorry for coming like this.
Seles: I do not mind.
Lloyd: Ah, err, I... Seles. It's a bit hard to ask now, but... Actually, we--
Kyrie: Did your brother gave you something to keep for him?
Colette: Kyrie!
Kyrie: He said he entrusted the evidence to someone who would never betray him. Are you that person?
Seles: I... have what you speak of.
Lloyd: We're looking for the ones who did that to your brother. I know it must be hard for you, but could you help us, Seles?
Seles: When the Chosen came to visit this abbey, the sky was always... yes, always... always beautiful. That day too. That never-ending disagreeable rain had stopped, and a soothing wind was blowing in the evening sky. We climbed those hills surrounding the area... We climbed the hill together...

Zelos: I like coming here, the air is really clean. It's completely different from Meltokio. Sorry for always coming without warning.
Seles: You should feel sorry indeed; I am busy, you know. Well, not as busy as you, but...
Zelos: Oh, you can't even imagine how busy I am!
Seles: You liar. You're only busy going from one woman to another.
Zelos: Feels good to be trusted.
Seles: Have you ever done anything to gain my trust?
Zelos: How harsh! Poor me...
Seles: Chosen One.
Zelos: : Yeah?
Seles: What have you come here for?
Zelos: Oh, right. Let's sit here.
Seles: So?
Zelos: Yes?
Seles: What do you want?
Zelos: : Ah, right, what I want, huh? Wait a min... There.
Seles: Is that a jewel box?
Zelos: Could you hold on to it for a while?
Seles: First your Cruxis Crystal, now this... You really treat me as your junk keeper.
Zelos: Junk? You never hold back, do you?
Seles: Understood. I shall keep it. If you are done with me, let me go back to the abbey. I hope you're not planning to stay long in this remote place... Chosen One?
Zelos: Let's talk a bit.

Zelos: I'm sorry.
Seles: It is all right. I don't remember you doing anything that would require an apology.
Zelos: I'm sorry. Sorry. Can you see that star?
Seles: Yes.
Zelos: Derris Kharlan. The angels' star. Our destiny... The Chosen system and all that stuff... It all started from this star.
Seles: We are so small... Just humans... Star... Chosen... Destiny... It is so strange.
Zelos: Yeah, it is.
Seles: Why are you getting involved now?
Zelos: Heh, I'm the first one to wonder.
Seles: Now that the world has become one, you should be released from your unpleasant role as the Chosen and should be enjoying a free life. And yet... Why are you getting deeply involved in politics and creating enemies?
Zelos: Yes, why? I don't know myself...

Zelos: I know!
Seles: Huh?
Zelos: I would always get drunk, have fun with my hunnies, just do whatever the hell I wanted, but... But everything was fake. My life was shit. I hated my destiny as the Chosen and that stupid world that bound me to it with a passion. Do you understand? 
Seles: Yes, I do.
Zelos: But... But, you know, I kind of like it now.
Seles: Huh?
Zelos: The sky, the wind, the passing time, the grass, the bugs, the light, the sounds... All those drunks in the tavern. All the people around me. I love them all.
Seles: You are so strong, Chosen. I wish I could be like you.
Zelos: Say, Seles. When I'm done with this job, and when I've become a better person... When I've accomplished something, not as the Chosen or anything, but as myself, Zelos Wilder, the man... I may be asking too much, but... Can I come and pick you up? I want to show you that this world is more than just dark and repulsive. What am I saying? Man, that was so cheesy, I--
Seles: I will be waiting. I will be waiting for you, Big Brother.
Zelos: Thanks.

Seles: It is already this dark... You could spend the night here.
Lloyd: Nah, we want to be quick. I want to go to Mizuho and get this box opened to check its contents as soon as possible.
Seles: I see.
Colette: Leave the rest to us, Seles.
Lloyd: Zelos was your brother, but he was also our friend. I swear we'll avenge him. Then we'll finish what he was trying to do.
Seles: Thank you very much. It is probably thanks to you that the Chosen... that my brother changed.
Lloyd: Huh?
Seles: When I heard of his death, I thought that the world was really dark and repulsive, after all.
Colette: Seles...
Seles: But there were probably plenty of times when you thought that and lost hope, during your journey. But then you would realize that this world was more than just dark and repulsive, after all.
Lloyd: Yeah. Yes, you're right!
Seles: That is why I have decided to believe it as well. I want to become strong like my brother.
Colette: The world is more than just dark and repulsive.
Seles: The world is more than just dark and repulsive.
Kyrie: Lloyd, the carriage is ready.
Lloyd: Ok! Let's go, Colette.
Colette: Yes, Lloyd.

Man: Evidence? This is bad...
Man: To say some fell into their hands...
Man: If it were to reach the king's ears, not only would we lose control over Sylvarant, but our positions as well...
Man: Master Boise...
Boise: Relax. Everything will go smoothly. I made sure of that.
Man: As expected from our Prime Minister.
Boise: We should just bide our time... a few days. Perhaps even less. The war that will wipe out the declining world and bring eternal prosperity to our Tethe'alla is about to start.
Man: The war will start.
Boise: Yes. Besides, we have to teach them that superior ones are meant to reign, and the inferior ones are meant to be reigned over. Isn't that the law of the world?
Men: The law of the world!
Boise: In that case, striking down the ignorants who don't know the law of the world is... justice!
Men: Justice!

~The Ones I Must Protect~

Yuan: The wind is getting stronger. A storm is coming. Can you feel it, Kratos?
Kratos: Yes, I feel it, Yuan.
Yuan: You said the world was pure and beautiful.
Kratos: Yes.
Yuan: I cannot think like that.
Kratos: Really?
Yuan: It is true that there are pure and beautiful things on this planet, but those that are dark and repulsive far outnumber them. Hatred, pride, anger, foolishness... Humans lose their morality to frivolous desires and taint the sky, the wind, the earth, everything. These vices are the nature of human beings. This is the only way I see it. Even now, humans are still killing and fooling each other.
Kratos: Yuan, have you never considered the contrary? That the former purify the latter. Can't you really think that way?
Yuan: You've changed, Kratos... You didn't say that at that time.
Kratos: Yes... I guess you're right...
Yuan: Anna...
Kratos: Yes, Anna.

Anna. The woman in who an Exsphere was implanted at a Human Ranch. And also a woman who never lost her brightness and spirit. The only woman I have ever loved.

Kratos: It can't be... Anna, is that you? S-Stop! I can't... Anna, wake up! Anna!!

When the Desians took her Exsphere, Anna lost her human body along with her mind. I did not know what to do.

Kratos: Super Lightning Blade! No! Anna, I'm sorry! I... Arg...

In my fading counciousness, I vaguely heard a baby's cries.

Kratos: Lloyd...

Anna was holding Lloyd, and was trying to throw him off the cliff. What kind of choice was left to me? To kill the woman I loved, or to let my beloved son die. But still, I had to make a choice.

Kratos: Goodbye.

Anna: Look, Kratos.
Kratos: I wonder what makes him look so happy...
Anna: I think... that he realizes it.
Kratos: Hm?
Anna: That this world is so pure, so beautiful, such a wonderful place...
Kratos: Pure...?
Anna: Beautiful.
Kratos: Really... Yes, you are right, Anna. This world is beautiful, just because you and Lloyd live in there. Here, I have a reason to go on.
Anna: Kratos.
Kratos: Yes.
Anna: Always together? Always... Always... Always...

From that very moment I killed the one I loved, the world, to me, was no longer pure, nor beautiful.

Yuan: So you were there after all, Kratos.
Kratos: Oh, Yuan. I can feel your intentions.
Yuan: I didn't expect any less of you. You seem to know everything.
Kratos: If you say so...
Yuan: Everyone will lose their souls. This will be the result of Mithos's project of an age of lifeless beings. I don't care about what will happen to all those foolish humans. It might be the only way to seal their hatred. I don't care about them. However... this project means that Martel's soul will be tied to the Great Seed forever. She will continue to live in suffering. I cannot allow that. Help me, Kratos. Release Origin's seal. This will save Martel's soul, make the Giant Tree grow, and revive this planet. Am I wrong? Or... do you think that Mithos is right?
Kratos: Who knows...
Yuan: I don't plan on saying I am right. But, since nothing is perfect in this world, we should at least try do what is best. Think about it. Kratos!
Kratos: I don't care! I don't have anyone left to protect in this world anymore. It has lost all its colors and its brightness to me now.
Yuan: Kratos!
Kratos: Nothing matters to me anymore. Nothing at all. I don't care. I don't care anymore.
Yuan: There is no worth in killing you now. Kratos, you are... already dead.

Yuan: "The world has lost all its colors and its brightness." You said that at that time. And now, you are telling me the contrary. And I can see that you are now more lively than at that time. That boy who changed you, Lloyd, he really is one of a kind.
Kratos: Hmm... Maybe that's because he is my son. Hey, you are on the same planet as him. Can't you watch over him for me?
Yuan: Talking like a parent, now?

~A Storm is Rising~

Kyrie: I still don't understand.
Lloyd: What?
Kyrie: Zelos and Seles's past isn't anything they can forget. So how can they trust each other like that?
Lloyd: They're brother and sister!
Kyrie: Is it that simple?
Lloyd: It is. Well then, I think it's time to--
Colette: No, Lloyd.
Lloyd: Ow.
Colette: I have to taste it first.
Lloyd: No fun...
Kyrie: You two get along well.
Colette: It's ready. Take the plates, Lloyd.
Lloyd: Got it. There.
Colette: Thanks.
Kyrie: What's wrong, Lloyd?
Lloyd: Get down, now!
Colette: Magic? Eruption?
Lloyd: Damn. Where is it coming from?
Kyrie: It's coming.
Lloyd: There! Demonic Chaos! Got him. There are others. Colette!
Colette: Thy faithful servant asketh for thy blessing. Honor us with the splendor of thy song. Holy Song!
Lloyd: Surprise attack at night, wearing masks? You cowards. You're the ones who killed Zelos, aren't you? Assholes.
Kyrie: I'll help.
Lloyd: Thanks, Kyri... e...? ...What...?
Colette: Lloyd?
Lloyd: What... is... the meaning of this... Kyrie?
Kyrie: Thanks for saving me the trouble of finding who Zelos gave his evidence to, Lloyd.
Colette: Let me go! Lloyd! Lloyd!
Lloyd: Damn...
Colette: Lloyd!!

Man: Hey, is Presea Combatir here? Have you seen Presea Combatir, the one in charge here?
Manager: Do you need anything, sir?
Man: And you are?
Manager: This place's manager.
Man: You'll do. Suspend the operations. Here are the official papers.
Manager: Huh? We were hired by the Lezareno Company. You can't just--
Man: Silence! Leave your tools there and gather at the center.

Woman: I am sorry, but you cannot see President Regal without an appointment. Our Lezareno Company is protected by the law.
Man: I bear an urgent message from Prime Minister Boise Dussolier.
Woman: B-But...
Man: Out of my way! Don't let them try anything suspicious. And arrest Regal Bryant!
Men: Yes, sir!

Man: What's that?
Woman: What are Tethe'allan soldiers doing here in the countryside? Do you know anything, traveler?
Santo: No, nothing. I have a bad feeling about this...

~Voices Rising in the Dark~

Lloyd: Where... Ouch.
Kyrie: So you're finally awake, Lloyd. You were out for three days. I was afraid I'd used the wrong poison and that you'd die.
Lloyd: Kyrie! Did you kill Zelos?
Kyrie: Don't get the wrong idea. I only mixed poison in his food.
Lloyd: Damn it!
Boise: Watch your tongue. You are speaking to Tethe'alla's Prime Minister.
Lloyd: You're Boise?
Boise: Heh. I see commoners from the poor world have no manners.
Lloyd: Untie this rope! Fight fair!
Boise: Fight? Killing me won't stop the war.
Lloyd: The war?
Kyrie: It's already started.

Knight: We'll defend the king till our death!!
Rebel: Surrender, Your Majesty! Our revolutionary government has taken control of the castle.

Kyrie: Three days were enough. Lord Boise has prepared for everything, and started the revolution.
Lloyd: Are you planning to destroy Sylvarant?
Boise: Not just Sylvarant! I will destroy half-elves too, Lloyd. The new world I will create will only be for those who are superior. I will find a suitable place for the barbarians of the declining world and the half-elves. Let's see... How about locking them up in human ranches?
Lloyd: You can't be serious!
Boise: Oh, but I am more than serious! All honest people in the world believe that only beauty should prevail. They think that everything ugly should be cursed. All right, let's get down business.
Kyrie: Lloyd, you've traveled around the world looking for Exspheres.
Boise: Where are you hiding them?
Lloyd: As if I'd tell you.
Boise: Why?
Lloyd: I've seen plenty of guys like you. They knew what Exsphere were, but they let themselves be swallowed by their power. I'll never give them to you!
Boise: Pretty words.
Colette: Lloyd!
Lloyd: Colette!
Boise: If I push this button, the chains holding Colette will break and she will fall to her death. Without her Cruxis Crystal, she won't be able to fly either.
Lloyd: You bastard! That's dirty!
Kyrie: Where are the Exspheres? Tell us!
Lloyd: Under a rocky stretch in Mt Fooji.
Boise: Collect them.
Men: Yes, sir.
Lloyd: Keep your promise! Release Colette now!
Boise: My promise? I don't remember promising anything.
Lloyd: Colette!! Colette! Colette!
Boise: My condolences.
Lloyd: Why? Why do you do this? What did Colette do to you? What did the people from Sylvarants and the half-elves do to you?
Boise: Nothing. Inferior beings taint beauty with their existence.
Lloyd: Inferior beings?
Boise: Inferior beings!
Lloyd: I've seen plenty of guys calling people who were different that way.
Boise: I shall announce to the blessed people of Tethe'alla that our grand reign has begun. All citizens of Tethe'alla now declare war to those inferior beings from Sylvarant!

Rebel: Tethe'alla was badly hurt by Derris Kharlan's appearance, and has lost its glory. And yet all we do is provide help to Sylvarant, again and again. What can we call that but folly?
Rebel: This is a war to protect Tethe'alla! The revolutionary government promises you wealth, safety, comfort, beauty. People of Tethe'alla, it is time to stand up! It is time to claim our rights back!
Boise: Raise your fists! Raise your voice! Blessed people of Tethe'alla, let us celebrate the advent of a new era!

Lloyd: That won't work, you know.
Boise: What?
Lloyd: That won't work, old man. You won't change the world like that.
Boise: What a sore loser. Don't you hear the battle roars? Tell me, don't you hear them?!
Lloyd: I don't. I don't hear anything.

~A Day Filled with Light~

Man: I don't really get what he's talking about, but...
Man: But...?
Man: Since things became so chaotic, we just have to help each other, don't we? D'you see any other solution?
Man: N-No... That's the only...
Man: I don't get it all, but I know I'm sick of seeing people die.
Man: We have enough to eat.
Man: We sometimes even receive cool beer, right?
Man: I don't get it either, but let's go back to work anyway. We can't waste our time!
Man: Yeah!
Guard: H-Hey... Wait. Hey, there, come back! Listen!

Man: Release him, guard.
Guard: Don't move.
Woman: He's just a traveler, he didn't do anything.
Guard: Don't move!
Man: It's because you shut yourself in the castle that you're missing the point. You have to work and sweat under the sun a bit more.
Santo: You guys...
Guard: You asked for it. Restrain them all!
Guard: B-But...
Guard: My orders are the Prime Minister's orders.
Guard: N-No, that's not the problem...
Guard: Huh?
Knight: We are Tethe'alla's royal knights. Surrender your weapons, rebels!

Kyrie: W-What...
Boise: What is happening?
Lloyd: Don't think everyone shares your illusions. I've met plenty of people like you, who called others inferior. But I know the truth. They are only a small minority.
Boise: That's not possible!
Lloyd: They're just humans. It's sometimes even hard to believe. But...

Seles: That is why I have decided to believe it as well. I want to become strong like my brother.
Colette: The world is more than just dark and repulsive.
Seles: The world is more than just dark and repulsive.

Lloyd: But I still believe that this world is more than just dark and repulsive.
Boise: I-Inferior being! Don't tell me what's right or wrong, inferior being! Kill him, Kyrie! Cut his throat open!
Kyrie: Y-Yes, sir.
Zelos: Double...
Kyrie: Wha...?
Zelos: Demon Fang!
Boise: What?
Kyrie: No way... You're... You're...
Zelos: Supposed to be dead, right?
Lloyd: Zelos!
Zelos: Hello, there!
Colette: Lloyd! Lloyd!
Lloyd: Colette, you too?
Zelos: I waited under the hole and caught her right on the spot, bride-style.
Lloyd: Great!
Kyrie: But I gave you a lethal dose of poison...
Zelos: Sorry, I didn't drink it.

Zelos: Well, we found a witness. We thought of paying him a visit and hear what he had to say, but we were a step behind, and his throat was already cut off when we arrived.
Boise: How unfortunate.
Zelos: That's already the third one that's been silenced.

Zelos: Our investigation results were being leaked. So I thought there might be a spy among us. Sorry I'm not dumb enough to let a woman's seduction take away my brains.
Kyrie: Damn you...
Zelos: I made up some story about evidence, played dead, and got you off my tracks. I was then free to do it my own way. You must have felt so relieved that I was gone... Plenty of traces and evidence came out after that. So I reported back to the king and just waited for your next move.
Kyrie: Zelos... Zelos!!
Zelos: Sorry, hunny, but if I had to rank all the women I've gone out with, you wouldn't even make the list.
Kyrie: Damn...
Zelos: After him, Lloyd!
Lloyd: Yeah!

Boise: I'll run away from this. I'll get out somehow. But I still can't believe it. Why? Why didn't they choose wealth, safety, comfort and beauty?! Why?
Yuan: Why? Dark and repulsive feelings are still lingering on this planet. But I hear that this world is glowing purely and beautifully. Why?
Boise: Stay away! Stay away!
Yuan: Relax. I will not be the one to execute you.
Lloyd: Yuan? What are you doing here?
Yuan: An old friend asked me.
Lloyd: Huh?
Yuan: Never mind. I've destroyed all possible exits. You can do whatever you want with that man.
Lloyd: All right. I plan to.
Boise: S-Spare me. Please, spare me. I... I'll change! Please don't kill me! I won't say "inferior" ever again. Please...
Lloyd: Old man... There's nothing anyone can do for you.
Boise: Huh? My... My head's still on?
Lloyd: I'll believe you this once. Good luck changing yourself.
Yuan: How soft.
Lloyd: Is that a bad thing?
Colette: Lloyd!
Zelos: Wait, Colette! I'm a wounded, you know?
Lloyd: Is it?
Yuan: Maybe not.

~The Road Home~

Santo: Good day, travelers.
Lloyd: Hi.
Colette: Hello, wandering minstrel.
Santo: You're walking fast. Where are you traveling to?
Lloyd: Nowhere. We're going back home.
Santo: I see. That's great.
Colette: Why?
Santo: I can see it on your faces. It must be a wonderful village.
Lloyd: It's in the middle of nowhere, though. Let's go, Colette. We want to be there before sunset.
Santo: Well then, see you again one day.
Colette: Good luck.
Santo: Good luck.

Kratos: It is time for me to retire. Pure. Beautiful. Your planet looks pure and beautiful. Do you know that, Lloyd?



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