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ToS Drama CD ~ALTA~ vol.1 #2-6

Regal Bryant - A Flower's Name 

George: I received the directives for the Exsphere Mine case. All the preparations are completely done. There are still many little annoying matters to settle such as the worker's insurance, an explanation to the affiliates, but I am taking care of them. Also, there remains the help project for the victims of the Great Tree disaster... Master Regal? 
Regal: Ah, sorry. 
George: I see you are reminiscing... 
Regal: Yes... 
George: It has been twenty long years since then. 
Regal: Indeed... 

I can see the slums from the carriage's window. This scenery is bringing me back to that night, twenty years ago. I cannot help but feel everything started that night. That night... in a two-horse carriage, I was there with George and my father. This happened a long time ago. 

Father: Ah... I see... If this bill is passed, there is no doubt my Lezareno Company will go bankrupt. All right, you are going to spy on the Parliament. Offer 25,000 Gald each to Lord Ajente and Baron Lirium, and pay James a part of the mine extraction. 
George: President. 
Father: Don't forget to render those Union bastards powerless. You should be able to buy one of the administration member. And when they weaken, start the rumor that there is a traitor among them. With that, they will destroy themselves from the inside. 
George: President! 
Father: Mmh? 
George: Not in front of Master Regal. 
Father: Oh. Regal? 
Regal: Yes, Father? 
Father: Do you think that I am a coward? Do you think that exploiting everything from the workers is insensitive? 
Regal: No, I have never thought such things... 
Father: It's ok, Regal. I am indeed cowardly and insensitive at the moment. However, I want you to understand at least one thing. The thing I am trying to protect by such costs is not the company, nor money. For what am I fighting? Do you understand? 
Regal: No... 
Father: For my life. 
Regal: Your life? 
Father: Yes. 
Regal: Father, what does that mea-- 

Driver: Damn, what the hell?! 
Father: What is happening? 
Driver: W-Well... 
Woman: A-Angelo, Angelo! 
Father: I asked you what was happening! 
Driver: Well, sir, this dog suddenly jumped in the way. 
Woman: My cute Angelo, poor Angelo. 
Father: What, a dog? 
Woman: Not just a dog! He was my family! What are you going to do? You're not hoping to just get away with this, are you? 
Regal: George... 
George: Master Regal, do not let this matter bother you. This road is going through the slums, where this insolent old woman's fellows live. 
Woman: What? This is inexcusable. Are you saying that it wouldn't have made much of a difference if I had been the one you ran over? 
George: What bad manners. 
Father: Well, well, calm down. My secretary was rude. I'm sorry, we are in a hurry. Here, use this for the funeral. 
Woman: What are you playing at? 
Father: Isn't it enough? Well then, here's the double. 
Woman: I'm a fortune teller. As a thanks for your blessing, I'll make you a prediction. You, the master. You will soon be ran over by a vehicle and die. Like my Angelo, you will writhe in a pool of blood and die. 
Father: Let's go. This is stupid. 
George: Master Regal. 
Regal: Ah, y-yes... 
Woman: And you, the little boy there! You, you won't die so easily. But instead, a fate worst than death is awaiting you. That is because you will fail to protect someone dear, and will then suffer forever. 
Father: Hurry up. 
Woman: You can't run away from your fate! 

Five years later, my father died, as predicted. After that, I followed my his footsteps and became CEO of the Lezareno Company, and then soon became its president. And time started flowing... 

Worker: So this means that you don't care if we, the 350 workers of the mine, die?!! 
Worker: Answer, President Regal!! 
Regal: My Lezareno Company is only following the standards decided by the Parliament. 
Worker: I'm telling you that the norm itself if odd. 
Worker: No less than five of our friends have died in that rockfall! 
Regal: The investigation report states that there is no relation between the accident and your working conditions. 
Worker: President Regal! 
Worker: We're not asking you to give us a lot of money. 
Worker: We only want you to financially help the children who have lost their fathers in the accident! 
Worker: Please, we beg you! 
George: Master Regal. It is time... 
Regal: Yes, understood. I am sorry, but I have another appointment right now. 
Worker: We're not finished speaking! 
Worker: This is not the last you'll hear from us workers! 
Regal: I had hoped we would be able to find a compromise. 
Guard: Do you need us, President? 
Regal: Please escort them outside. 
Guard: Understood. Get them. 
Worker: Master Regal! 
Guard: Hey there, the President dislikes violence. Let us behave as gentlemen, shall we? 

At that time, I already clearly understood my father's words. Not for the company, nor for money. Simply for my life.

Regal: If you are done, you can leave now. 
Vharley: About the seizure... 
Regal: Ask George. 
Vharley: So you don't want to hear what a broker like me wants to ask you? 
Regal: Leave, Vharley. 
Vharley: As you wish.

Spreading all your wisdom, putting all your passion into play, without having friends, not singing songs, never dozing off... I understood my father's words very clearly. In the end, what I was trying to protect this way was not the company, nor my money. Lezareno was my life. I was fighting for my life. However, I wasn't as strong as my father. The evening of that day, I was laying on my bed after crying and could vaguely see the corners of my room. And there I saw a single white flower. 

Regal: A flower... 

This flower was not extraordinary in any way. I didn't understand why I was intrigued by such a thing. What I know is that it caught my eyes. This story took place a very long time ago. 


Alicia: I'm sorry to disturb you. Did you call for me? 
Regal: Yes. What's wrong? Please enter. 
Alicia: Yes, sir. 
Regal: I apologize for interrupting your work. I have something to ask you-- 
Alicia: Did it... 
Regal: Mh? 
Alicia: Did it... offend you? 
Regal: Offend me? 
Alicia: The flower... 
Regal: Flower? Oh, yes, the flower. I heard from George you were the one who put it there-- 
Alicia: I'm so sorry! 
Regal: H-Hey! 
Alicia: I know that we are supposed to bring flowers carefully chosen at the flower shop, but I still picked this one up at the border of the road. I'm so, so very sorry! Please, I beg you, don't fire me, please!! 
Regal: Wait a minute! 
Alicia: My father is ill and my sister is taking care of him by herself, so-- 
Regal: Wait, calm down. 
Alicia: But... 
Regal: I didn't call you here to reprimand you. I only wanted to ask that flower's name. 
Alicia: Huh? 
Regal: Yes. 
Alicia: The flower's name...? I-I'm so sor-- 
Regal: Enough. So, this flower's name is...? 
Alicia: Huh? 
Regal: The flower's name. 
Alicia: Um... Pressssea.... 
Regal: Presea? 
Alicia: Yes. It is called presea! 
Regal: I have never heard of it before. Well, I am ashamed to admit my knowledge of flowers' names is rather poor, but...
Alicia: Actually, I come from Ozette, and, well, Ozette is in a forest, so it's rather dark, so flowers are kind of rare, but the presea never fails to bloom. It is a small flower, and not very popular, but it grows in any place and is very energetic. This presea was in the shadow of Lezeno's building. I thought it was pretty, and cute, and a little nostalgic... 
Regal: Hm... 
Alicia: Me and my big mouth... I'm so sorry. 
Regal: Please go on. 
Alicia: Huh? 
Regal: It was pretty and cute, and what was it? A little nostalgic. 
Alicia: A little nostalgic... Um, this is all. 
Regal: I see. 
Alicia: This is embarrassing. Please don't laugh. 
Regal: Ah, I'm sorry. It's been a long time since... since I laughed... 
Alicia: I'm sorry. 
Regal: No, I am the one who should apologize. 

It was an ordinary flower. I didn't know why I took a liking to it. But it caught my eyes.

Alicia: I'm sorry to interrupt. President, um... I've brought a presea, as promised.

Alicia: I'm sorry to disturb. President, I've brought the flower, I mean, the presea. 

Alicia: Sorry to disturb. I've brought a presea.

Alicia: President, today's presea is prettier than the usual ones.

Alicia: Master Regal, here's a presea, as always. 

Alicia: Only preseas... don't you get tired of them? 

Alicia: Please look! She bloomed so beautifully! 

Alicia: I'm sorry, since the weather is colder, I couldn't bring a presea, but please accept this flower instead. 

Alicia: I should stop bothering you...

Alicia: Master Regal! Please look! The first presea of this year! 

Alicia: Master Regal. 

Alicia: Master Regal!

Alicia: Master Regal!! 

Regal: Presea flowers all around... 
Alicia: It's a little far from the town. How do you like it? 
Regal: This place is very lovely. It also feels good to get out and relax like this. 
Alicia: I am happy to hear that... 
Regal: Hm? 
Alicia: Nothing! 
Regal: Mmh... 
Alicia: Presea. Presea... 
Regal: Hm? 
Alicia: There is an person I hold dear in my village whose name is Presea too. 
Regal: Your boyfriend? 
Alicia: No! That's not that at all. 
Regal: How long is it since you last met that person? One year, two years? 
Alicia: It will soon be six years. 
Regal: Si-... What?! How long have you been working for Lezareno? 
Alicia: I have been working for you since you were seventeen. 
Regal: I see... 
Alicia: Ah, please don't let this bother you. I am only one of the many employees that work for you. It is normal you don't know me. Master Regal, you are a wonderful person with an admirable job. You have better things to do than think about a flower that can be found everywhere. Besides... 
Regal: Yes? 
Alicia: Master Regal, you still don't know my name, do you? 
Regal: Ah! Now that you mention it, you are right. 
Alicia: Told you. Let's go back. We still have work to do. 

I could have just asked her. I could even have asked George. It would have been very easy for me to know her name. But at that time, I didn't do anything. 

Regal: Isn't it strange to ask her name after all this time? 

That's what I thought. 

Regal: She's just a passing fancy.

That's what I thought. 

Regal: I don't need to know her name. 

That's what I thought. 

Regal: I don't need... to know her name...

That's... what I thought.

Alicia: Master Regal, I brought a presea. 

She kept bringing me preseas. Always. 

Alicia: Master Regal, today's presea is really pretty.

The both of us spent a long time like this, as the girl who brings flowers and the man that receives them. And then, one day... 

Alicia: M-Master Regal... You... you shouldn't lower yourself like this and come in a servant's room... 
Regal: Please tell me your name. 
Alicia: Huh...? 
Regal: Your name.

And this is how I came to know that her name was the one of the flower alicia... 


George: What did you just say? 
Regal: That I would discuss about the mine accident with the worker's union, George. 
George: But... 
Regal: George. 
George: Yes, sir. 
Regal: By the way, where is the plan I asked for? 
George: Here, sir. 
Regal: Twenty minutes by carriage, it seems. 
George: Don't tell me you are planning to go in person to that dirty place? I could-- 
Regal: It doesn't have any sense if I don't go myself. 

Woman: There there there, good boy, good boy. Hm? It's been 15 years, little boy. So your father has passed away, I've heard. 
Regal: As you predicted. 
Woman: Oh, it's not my fault, you know. I've only told him of his fate. 
Regal: I know. 
Woman: So, what did you come for? 
Regal: I came to apologize. 
Woman: Hm? 
Regal: Accept my apoligies for our rudeness back then. I'm sorry. 
Woman: Apologizing to me won't change your fate, you know. It's not something I decided. 
Regal: I know. 
Woman: Then why? 
Regal: I have finally come to understand your feelings. My father didn't use to come home very often... he was like a stranger to me. So, when he died, I was shaken, but not sad. And also, I had other priorities at the time, which is why I didn't pay attention to the feelings of the children who had lost their parents in the accident. But now, I can imagine how it feels to lose someone dear. And I understand that person is what one should give priority to. 
Woman: You've found someone to protect. 
Regal: Yes.
Woman: You will lose that person, and suffer for the rest of your life. You can't change destiny.
Regal: I will change it.
Woman: It's useless.
Regal: I will protect her with all my might! Well, excuse me. It looks like... your other dog.
Woman: Hm.
Regal: I apologize again.
Woman: Boy. I am senile, you know. I could have misread the future.
Regal: Thank you.

However, the prophecy was not wrong.


Regal: What is the meaning of this, George? What do you mean, you fired her?
George: First you accept compromises, then you apologize... You are not in your right mind, that that's because of her.
Regal: Not in my right mind?
George: On top of that, she's a servant. Think of your place!
Regal: George.
George: If you need distraction, please find a better suited woman.
Regal: George!! Why can't you understand? I love her. That is all. It can only be Alicia, no one else...
George: Master Regal...

Vharley: I'm officially Alicia's master now, sir. I can't just give her back. What's that about giving her back at any cost?
Regal: I beg you, Vharley.
Vharley: Oh... Someone of your status, begging a dirty broker like me? She seems like an important one, that girl. All right, I'll give her back.
Regal: Really?
Vharley: However! I need a compensation. For example, ownership of 50% of the mine, 30% of Lezareno's profits per month, and... Yes, how about you throw yourself on the ground begging first?

Woman: Aah! The crystal ball burst in pieces! This isn't good, boy. At this rate... At this rate...

Vharley: Oh, a bouquet? Are you planning to propose to her when she comes back?
Regal: You promised. Give me back Alicia.
Vharley: Yes, yes.
Regal: This is... What kind of joke is this?
Vharley: You should look more happy! You'll finally be able to meet your precious Alicia again! She changed a little after the experience with the Cruxis Crystal. Well, you never said she had to still be human when I give her back, so I hope you won't mind...
Regal: No way... Alicia, is that you?
Vharley: There, go.
Regal: S-stop!
Vharley: She's lost her human heart too. You must do what you have to do.
Regal: Y-you bastard!
Vharley: I wanted to see more, but I'm afraid I have to leave. Have fun!
Regal: This is.... N-no! I... I'm sorry Alicia, I...

In my fading consciousness, I vaguely saw a white flower.

Regal: ...Flower... Presea...

Seeing that presea flower all torn up made me want to keep on living. And I heard her voice then.

Alicia: Live.
Regal: Alicia?
Alicia: Please live, Master Regal.
Regal: Is that you? Yes, it's you... It's your voice. Alicia.
Alicia: I can't bear the thought of hurting you.
Regal: The prophecy was wrong.
Alicia: I can't return to myself any more. So...
Regal: "You won't die so easily"? "You will always suffer"? As if.
Alicia: Please, if you love me, you have to--
Regal: I swore to protect you with all my might...
Alicia: Please, kill me. I love you, Master Regal. 

Alicia: I'm sorry to interrupt. President, um... I've brought a presea, as promised. 

Alicia: I'm sorry to disturb. President, I've brought the flower, I mean, the presea. 

Alicia: Sorry to disturb. I've brought a presea.

Alicia: President, today's presea is prettier than the usual ones.

Alicia: Master Regal, here's a presea--

Regal: Aliciaaaaaaa!!!

I went to prison for killing the woman I loved, the one I should have protected. That was the only way I found to punish myself. And now... I am sitting in a swaying carriage once more, heading to the slums once more.


Woman: There, there, there. Good boy, good boy. Hm? You've come to see me again, boy?
Regal: Yes.
Woman: I've heard that you were out of prison. It seems you have resumed your position of CEO in Lezareno.
Regal: Yes. A lot happened since then.
Woman: Looks like it.
Regal: I have shut down the Exsphere mine.
Woman: I see.
Regal: I want to dedicate my forces to the reconstruction of the world.
Woman: I see. Then I guess I won't do any more ominous fortune-telling.
Regal: Good.
Woman: So, what are these flowers for?
Regal: They are for you.
Woman: You're offering flowers to this old lady?
Regal: For your Angelo.
Woman: I see. Oh, I see.
Regal: Well then...
Woman: Tell me, what is the name of those flowers?
Regal: Presea.
Woman: They are beautiful.
Regal: I know.
Woman: Yes, such beautiful flowers... Really. Don't you think so? He couldn't protect the one he loved. And he is still suffering. But as to whether he will always be suffering... I think that the prophecy could be a little off on that point. Yes, that prophecy must be wrong!



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